Open File Backup

Nordic Backup does not access your files directly to perform a backup. Instead, we use Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy Service, or VSS, to take a snapshot of your data and this allows us to backup the snapshot without disturbing you while you go about your business. VSS makes it possible to ensure we get a good backup of your data every time.

Continuous Backup

Our continuous backup feature will backup files the instant they are created or modified. Continuous backup is great for computers or servers with numerous users working on files throughout the day, constantly backing up new files and updating existing ones. The busier you are, the busier we are.

In-File Delta

Our In-File Delta technology has the intelligence to quickly detect the difference between the files on your system and the files in your backup, and only upload the data that has changed. This allows us to keep historical data of all of your files while only transferring a single full copy and greatly increases the speed of your backups.

Previous File Versions

Having only a backup from yesterday is the bare minimum, and for most businesses, is not good enough. Typically people don't realize they have corrupt, infected, or missing files for several days. Retention allows for extended time between when a file is deleted or changed from your computer and when it is modified or replaced in your backup.

Nordic Backup Pro's retention is unlimited and adjustable. We can retain deleted files or previous versions of files for as long as you need.


Before your backup data is transmitted from your computer, it is encrypted using the industry standard 256-bit AES encryption, using a private password that only you know. AES encryption is widely considered to be unbreakable.

We do not compromise on privacy or security at Nordic Backup.

Redundant Local Backup

For many businesses, a second on-site copy of your backup, or multiple off-site copies would be desirable. Our Local Backup feature allows you to backup your data not only to Nordic Backup, but to any storage or network device you specify, at no additional cost.

Now you can leverage both the increased speed of restoring files from a local device and the increased availability and protection of off-site backup.

Seed Load and Recovery

If your first backup is too large for your internet connection, we will ship a hard drive to you and use Nordic Backup Pro to backup your data directly to the external drive. Once completed, you'll ship it back to us and the data will be placed in your account. From then on, Nordic Backup Pro takes over with regular incremental backups.

The same process works in reverse. If you are facing downtime and need to recover more data than you can download, we will expedite a hard drive containing your entire backup to you.

Microsoft SQL Server Database Backup

Powered by Microsoft's SQL API, we make it simple to create automatic backups of your SQL databases in the portable .bak format.

MySQL Server Database Backup

MySQL's built-in backup program lets us create MySQL backups in a temporary folder, and then safely upload the data to our cloud.

Oracle Server Database Backup

Nordic Backup can access the Oracle server directly or across the network and create individual database backup files with our built-in Oracle agent.

Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino Server Database Backup

Nordic Backup can secure Lotus Notes or Lotus Domino data on Windows or Linux machines in just a few simple steps.

Universal Database Backup

If your business application uses a proprietary database that is not listed here, don't worry. There are many approaches to database backup and our technicians can create a custom solution for your proprietary database.

Microsoft Exchange Server Database Backup

The centerpiece of any enterprise is the Exchange server. Dependable and painless to set up, Nordic Backup Pro supports all Exchange database versions from 2000 to 2013. Backup of Exchange Server clusters (DAG) are also supported.

Microsoft Exchange Mail-Level Backup

An extra level of protection for your Exchange data, our mail-level backup allows all the contents inside the Exchange database and public folders to be backed up individually. This way, lost emails, attachments, and appointments can be recovered rapidly without having to shut down and recover the entire Exchange. Our mail-level backup offers zero downtime for Exchange during recovery.

VMware Virtual Server Backup

Our VMware backup lets you create backup of your running virtual machines across all VMware products, from Workstation and Fusion all the way to ESXi and vCenter, with zero downtime. Yes, the free version of ESXi is also supported!

Hyper-V Virtual Server Backup

Nordic Backup Pro supports virtual machine backup and restore of Microsoft Hyper-V hosts and clusters with zero downtime.

Windows Server Image Backup

Powered by the Windows Server Backup API, Nordic Backup Pro can generate either a Windows System State backup file or a complete bare metal image of your entire server.

ShadowProtect System Image Backup

Our premium bare metal backup system, the award-winning ShadowProtect by StorageCraft gives you universal bare metal recovery to any kind of system. With ShadowProtect, you can go from physical to virtual, and back to physical again.

ShadowProtect offers the ultimate immortality for any Windows server.

NAS and Network Share Backup

Many businesses rely on file servers or network-attached storage (NAS) devices to provide easy, centralized storage for all of the company's shared files and folders. Some of these devices may have some fault tolerance built-in, but none are immune to failure and data corruption, and an automatic backup of network shares is essential, especially when all the company data is stored in once place.

Nordic Backup displays NAS devices and shared folders in our easy to use system browser, which is a part of our simple backup wizard, so selecting your network folders for backup is as simple as selecting a local folder on your computer.

Nordic Backup Pro Cloud Recovery

Servers experiencing downtime due to failure or corruption require three things before they are back in action: work, funds, and time. 

Time is by far the most precious resource in such a crisis, and for some larger businesses, a complete recovery, possibly requiring more than a day's work and involving numerous personnel, is unthinkable. 

When Nordic Backup Pro is used with ShadowProtect, everything you need to perform an on-site recovery at award-winning speed is provided, but in the common case of failed hardware, the equipment in your office or facility may not have what it takes to resume business operations in a satisfactory amount of time.

To minimize the downtime typically experienced in a situation like this, Nordic Backup Pro Plus and Preferred customers can rely on our Cloud Recovery to bring their backup online as a virtual server in our secure data center.

Servers backed up with Nordic Backup Pro Plus can be virtualized and brought online within a 24 hour service window from the first request for the managed recovery.

Servers backed up with Nordic Backup Pro Preferred are pre-emptively virtualized and mirrored daily so that there is no waiting before you can use your cloud backup server.

The fully managed recovery and hosting is already built into the cost of your backup plan, so there are no additional charges due at recovery time. With your virtual backup server(s) running in our cloud, you can keep operating business as usual until your primary servers are brought back into operation.

Contact us to learn more and get started with Cloud Recovery.

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